a sampled universe

arrest warrant 1

a get outta jail free card, reserved: 2 hotels near
the pen (a ten-jury) , incarcerated for somethin’
i’m never done with, inautomated for having fewer
jobs than a dangling robot ... the possibility of parole
for a non-volant crime, the probability of langue for
a neovalent cram;  imho:  criminalistics measures
states of lines, and counties toward refraction, or
locked up by drawing good ....... so they say:   free prison for
everyone, the amer (bitter) european way
way down past the simmering feudal inks:
beat the rap a la disdainful policing, table (hip)
hopping spirits, waiting to be hard    is hearing as if
wattage included, iow, they also slave who
stall & wade, demonized by demons
wdn’t you slay?  i’d suggest that his writer’s block
gestures toward a cell block, in oven words: almost
common sense sells me, it’s a whole new
edition of      our prison notebooks

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