a sampled universe

toccata 10

spider trickster jumping   veering
kidnap is to spur job creation, emptyhatted
but i’m used to iron rusting away  
in comments on a daily
basis ..  or sluggish prose dribbles for hoodwinking
a political cause efforts as uproar   important players
have a hand for a dice fable
& don’t think
kidnap rattles to spur job creation
“trying to work”  games that exploding airport
forms a leave-taking   nod, nod
sentences    slugged by prose
float into the middle of nite-wonder
spider trickster jumping
(that’s just slung slang)    re-knit over unwaiting, sez
spleen + cant = bile w. cantabile values
turning roamward    kidnap is to spur job creation,
the terminal
as a symbol of the pomo age,
beyond the text in illegal forgetting
kidnap is to spur job creation, cash, unregistered
is a form of downroar,  important players
infect ya w the capability for non-thought
garden turning brown
float into the middle, right asunder
trickster spider jumping     very
big stories in the clear lite of

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