Heres a Roundabout q and a:
pg one:
q: so. if my on foot mail lady didn't even bother with my mailbox,
even though it had a piece of mail i wanted to mail
plainly sticking out of the box, and there are these redneck
lumber yutzes clamboring all over the property, disgruntled cold and windy house inspectors
with overalls and nice cameras and ladders. pick up trucks with lettering indicating
the name of the contractors' company.
it is cold and windy outside. and a bit rainy. do you:
Take some advil and do some push ups? turn to pg 32
page 32: a squeaking sound of a philips head gyrates on the outer wall of your room, you fall into rhythm with the hand cranking sound. both activites are laborious, and we see a visual on the air like in cartoons, representing how the sounds find equality thru the wall and become one. you sign yr name lick and seal and sit down and stare. turn to page one.
do you:
equate the notion of foot travel word carriers to the opposite of writing, or some reflection on how sound travels? turn to page 31
page 31: A man at a Bus Stop in Buffalo walks over to you and says, "Aaagh. Stay back! Apocalypse, kamakaze nip balm! Idle remainders trim Kelly Meager, it say... yeti 15 snake. Liver. Corrugated filter nibble, banana skirt phalanges, miso uptake friends, with plastic flavor crystal simple syrup box cutter bungee moat plant wise clown slosh!
Do you respond: I've got sewer in my anus. Spoffle. All point. Turn to page 30.
Do you respond: Impression. "Faggot" palimpsest. Thin sock metaphor. Patient node transmittor. Turn to page 31
On page 30 he says something like this i dunno:
The man at the bus stop dreams of he said she said arguments in the rain, in his pants up his skirt, the truth gets dodged. He continues to nobody but you can't help but listen: "Bequeathed. Unto . Traggic. Flarf. (able. bodied.) If irrrrrrrrrr.... Plus loans. Inking spheres. Jobble Munch, bare tho. Homeland. Molted.
He asks you to turn to page 2 and you do: As the bus pulls up it divides/segments/relieves solid greyish sheets of rain, leaving negative spaces that spell out these words, In the Buffalo air: "Fragganard. Measely, jay new say qua."
To which at this point you have had enough and turn to page 3 or 6: 
Do you say this to "them an" at the busstop in Buffalo? Don't turn any more pages.
" Course wit. Savoring "pulchurtude". Shopping. Going doing. Craps ballad. Tincture of. Nipple. Asian. American. Frog lights. Bread basket. Lome-and Chaf. Seperation Anx-iety, paper clip weasels."
To which The Man at the Bus Stop in Buffalo says with grand flatness and mechanic pace:
 "If. You. Office depot. Furby. Hairstyle. Applicade. Wish me not. Reservation. How's my driving. Heart Attack. Warning. Armpit. Stench. Phase/shift. Next. Generation. Gieger beaver igt peace. Ass Crack. Sell oo Teen. Savage. Mondays. Threeway. Tie. Windsor. Danish. Day-old. Factoid."
If you have read and accepted all these terms, please turn to page 4
Do you read page 4? if so turn to page 32
 The flightless status of the mail lady's pattern sat in overalls all afternoon. Weightless and lilting in the wind, a speaker box with a voice, caught between places, mostly thinking about you and how you had happily made it to your destination theee eeennnnd!

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  1. if you post a comment read something like this first: the man speaking at the bus stop and some of his words filtered thru the main character, ostensibly "you" were john lowther's words as he stood at a buffalo bus stop in the rain.if you beleive this dont post a comment. if you do believe this, log in and add to page 9 of the initial story.