a sampled universe

bizness letter 1

rare instance when there’s a time factor
within two weeks or less
today).  Anything we can do (short of spending
more money)  to make that happen would be great.  The
forced to just let our system
they get sent out
sent out the better,
needed for romanticism      for the beginning
of shipment; but
slingshutter, and so they
needed for rattleshot for the beginning
should be receiving
better, from our point of view
send them via
purchase hanging numbers for-never,  generated
i figure it doesn’t hurt
shipment; but the quicker the
get this material quite promptly
contesting this material
please the normal
realize that we would probably get
but in the is entered in out of the
system.  These are items of the are needed
get this relict    have not given me
needed fairly quickly—
material (from people
within the range
we are used
generated by our
Unicorn quickly.  Please go send
or does when nothing
would probably anyway      a price field.  ....
is given as zero.  Please disregard that.  We know the
figure it doesn’t hurt to
mention it.  I am being asked prices, 
so I’m do the default     it
these are items of the
flak agent

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