passionate assembly

entreaties thru a peephole 
to escape by the window 
as well as to ask bronze eyes

or a hand searching a dark room

every fold of fabric weathered 
green from similar supplication

beggar    bandit    thief

arrow crossed fingers thru 
hole in wall and grimy hands 
the ring ridiculous

a simple story evolves 
pizzacato glass emits enough 
its riff on shadows hummable

mirror face in pinwheel takes 
pulse from quiet turns

cigarettes drying on a wire 
busy with conclusions as if 
metaphor were germane

indefinate article 
: three-sided die

never crash in churches 
it's bad luck house black

house mouse     white mice 
running breaks open     spills 
impulse   tracks in concrete

linear hymning off walls 
no    music but breathing 
glass foot-steps   re    flecting

mimeo'd prospectus under glass

floor to stall on the finale 
none of the requisite pounding 
hissing wishes at night

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