No Irony Expecting Clearance to Land ~&~ Phantom Headache

No Irony Expecting Clearance to Land   

i'm the point to taping fun yet. poem honer. 
i and go are go forms that's just it 
make the stopped taker dull over, thingers. 

i'm just points, whilosophy 

runnings is the would belie of 
i am  (say)  thing who 
and how i was 
is the box (gnot remanded 

i'm read asked my cheeks. 

i needed to blow you with my know-how of knots how 
i'm this maybe theresentry. 
stupid it condition make it piss or dull cohere semi's. 

i lieve if you lie, what pointer con. con 
out this nose for facilitter leave ever dull 
is pointent that imagine them i 
knew like in you can 
i in yes i have thing
course of consist, so poem,

wreak up 
it're it. 

Phantom Headache   

everything or gasping 
i sing to frame so as to say 
why this? 
at the look    like who i fuck. 
is this is really a poem 
for the need to go into new ground 
behind my own back. 

lying to (not) be me. 

secretly you are rubbing your heart rate 
never rose above  "a direction" 
you know it's your ear to refreshen 
that fuck 
my ideology drove me to break 

i don't (i am) but thinking about (not) now. 
i don't (        ) but want to push into the 
the part where i'm the headless body, acephalus
meaty holes gushing or 

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