a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 7

no qualifying phrases shd. offset solid propositions
the moon burns hesitancy ....  and hating
moves into a whole other dimension
because of new directions in injudicious drug vending ..
leaves call to leaves calling,
a cascade of chirps & clinks
lack slow many rip to a tide same weaving
you need to have no one looking
word book, or, constraint as vulcan trip rising

(all these gerunds cd. manage a raking forward)

if a book is published by an imprint of a
publishing company, the verb has is actuated
like a quarantine summary, all
mosquito nets & greyish corridors;
remember, once you get the sentence
going wrong, the qwerty characteristics
go bam-fadazzle
& you shrug back toward meaning
to be borne

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