study 134

missing spaces of across, then the lights
flashing     a stalked place or a staked place
storms meander where they
slice off a finger for the holiness of
their system    
the bottomland was staggered in a quaint imaginary
all forms rattle
counterbalanced at a faultline
ploded here nexus yank to a
noose in a spiny verb    it spells
long manage    at some practical hub
alterity   that’s some rubric,
where you got the sonic lift chained down
a mere minute
from concoct

macrofossil base camp opening up the wrong
software    wearing on the wrong brain surface or
periodicity     land mine flugel horn
stowed across landscape   European devious with
self beliefs           many times out of one
a longer system   hack  find will go  data-
recall   in the middle:   a
chancellor suspect as flow tag
in the midst; a time sparrow &
columns for accelerators    with

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