June 13, 2012 Meeting Recordings

Zac read My summer with the backward 3s

Erika read Cats taught to weed

Mark reads a bunch of studies, a Loss Lieder and more

John reads Sorted sonnets for the month of June, Week one (word), Week two (syllable), Week three (character).

3 folks each time perform 4 poems by John (these are just audio links....)

high fiber - continuity - ass

languid - perky - the bomb

spandex - ennui - pastel

love - dark matter - the void

(...if you would like to read them while you hear them, try these each in turn)

love - dark matter - the void

Updated: Folks performed a large-as-yet-untitled lattice by James, an iteration in an ongoing work that consists of covering and recovering a painting by David D'Agostino (here is a previous iteration, or at least a picture of the painting (the recordings were on SoundCloud)

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