Block: upon this nation of ours right about now [with audio!]

american despairs

Smoke upon that celebrate day, any day and sun, rain, any weather forgets. 
Issues said to be issues in the local issue mills issue missives and we 
   dutifully mouth them. Thought experiment, the chew bit unit, then say what?
Everything said translating translations of money, money demanding remanding and 
   coiling itself about each throat, a pulsing robot tentacle. It will feel warm, 
   when it happensno going back. Coughing out donut smoke for substitute traction.
Break-a-cork-in-it like, but no other breathing it back, so obsequious twitch 
   nor style. Fashion aphasia is tri-color in the weak sense, depressed moreso 
   than regional. All about a fire and burning meat, shots wired into pumps with an 
   elbow mediating. Savor slowly; varied and vicarious, crushed and teased, 
   management of the hidden hook that makes it bearable. "Behind the scenes" daydream 
   us, but the scenery is blatantly moving into anything ownable 
   setting up shafts and papering over until the merge is fait accompli. No, 
   the very submission does the work without working. Messenger come hither, back 
   in the day was that it was worth it to know and share along, but no longer though 
   the path is not over, grandfathered into margin, soon to welcome to the wall.
Taking the out of the game, an allure not victory but nothing to be said;
   to live so that when the piece lifts none will be unduly.  Until then, to passing,
   to seeing the seams, to strategic retreat guiltily Cartesian bleak in tone.
Empty plastic bottle of an ocean current, yes and subjectivity so.

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