a sampled universe

incantation 1 : i got here & then the sing sd. silence

a sink of pitch slammer goes using
rime system a prime leafin thru time
sample agree comstock umbrage toy ranking leaver!
left for meaner pastures and slappers nude
fog train special
getting interrupted by the concept
of discontinuity      magnify
whack syndrome    rake all’d  in the part
sequence devilride
absent maybetied    going out with a salt
chert heart

what i keep in this #’d doc meaning  is,
asterisk to my poetic underachieve staple  arrow
lung  lung  all this in the fresh ruckus
slipup’s a format   chisel near a random
numbness generator    seeks,  pitfalls

all cross rag team elementary drag whip easels   where goes there?

a lacker time
tones in radio
activism under goner stage laffer
use an eye
or three   to make wheels
hum that qualification

it keeps an eye on    the proper authorities
it keeps a note about    jangling presidential grin
it agrees  we got wrap    where jobs are fast fool, mainly

i’m seeing here losses for the acrid set
are you a logging one eight or three-er?    losing all the data
for an event publication     if you believe the hottest hitter
is racking in the sent item zone
we can’t be anywhere with a lode pressure sector

they tail me,
she        who parses
stammers   &   got
necessity goin ;
she who pauses

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