study 101

mock is to the slick maybe
ovation mangles into a sunset audio filing whines the
pasha, holding his own against versus ...
rank   is how they salute morning
tumping out all our contexts onto the bled

this vamp’ll keep on till you
enter to start the show, to show the beginnings,
bloodied & bowed like software
hidden in the cloud :
type-casting signature tone adapter:
dirk that stabs me right right thru the hate, low-
flown in creasing,  creating raw stuffs,

a medium steady tone
sustains car colliding (or so they bray)

& high sigh: pitch to variation
lunging in the middle from sonic jumbling:
garish me!  i wish we had a missed in sin
to play out the found & floating

recital in front of mute sixth wall

confute the mute?
just grin uproarious
tongue twisted   ... .
a detonating stillness

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