nanographing one

as hebetudes a way we flow march to a winsome sound lesson bleat

not in that crypt, that code,

slap as building troll soapbark in using a teasel huh

somehow it all came together   whipsawed as take charge

so as when a Doppler double entry slide cringe to say take away my instrument

various    little peaces & bits of us, lostish      it’s grapple time

blood or bloodiness official documents go scotopic in a middle where oscillate

he stopped by to argue angrily for war          nutshell unmined cameo

in propria persona goes  tip tip tip   singer at flown gall wed    screwball   aimy

hidalgo nightshade word stories    inoffensive to nationalize:     we flip

testimony flit stay judgment     like a stray dog meant   like a way thru ear sum freaked

long string palinode behind numbers   almost a dark change in jazz horse direction

bees cross at dropped zeros   or spatter the votes   (a sleet timing icing thunderclap thatch crimp

as head smash ritardando pawn   ordering older disorder sections 

iron clad (is it) here are our sponsors    her for this fuming    got rage?

knotting was D liver,  & i sell this proof to sue    prez in a wink truckage sting

is breathing like a vote    i mean

soft auto stang stranger straw ranger or a word wrangler or a strangles     yeesh

whip up as double entry,  slide stumble is to run, o tongue knotted, o dear mutter

oscilloscope is ossa still da scope    runt crunch     a weave of asterisks

standing under the aberrant clue arrangement,

wick just flicked out

fiscal makes cataract   buried where a street disappears walk no image

eye pulled out    a boat      frozen pond    hide under whirl blade laff tracking

luck scopin    is onedownsmanship

they know how much not being you is worth on the open(ed) market

blurt trait gives     (a) my grain

rinky-dink tokenism  rat? huh?    spacemangle doofus

& so, defocus

if it ain’t baroque,   don’t fix it

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