how someone who lurks works

it goes as bomb feels for bombast   location quiet frame housing

skulk me a madonnish train quick a goin   it seizes ballot on borders to
try famous   gallery lickety noun splittin

i’m goovin   here the make believers try undivided

they don’t look for       “in the case of now versus never   

quash rant seethes where you turn down   each little knob
digits   cut right off   digit all

we won’t ask for a bark ode slip right in shade as outdistance

count there seeking unreading   unvoting makes a smirkful to a grating

miter to top gobfather slowness rip      the little trope up

& a pair of teaming low gatling handlers

he sd,  got no shot cept for the night center

don’t walk    in fact don’t run    fall.

churrrr ... waver gearbox   for mind & sequence a side street riffs rack

the rat fathom in drywall till the form’s filled out

mean sonnet grinnin detest      crafts public polic(e)y    raps linking

complete mire dunk runs headlong     body short

all this creeping around

you know,  the social is wordless     reaching  the now crowd with
senate rot

codes in dynastic snake thru a unita to remembah     slaking how? just
the story of america’s prose pandemic fields jumble clues poking

just toward a dollar factionalism day cover:  up it  slip it

the results are too long,  creating burning fiddlers

alt mac trudge in defense as good cops in a zone kill      city serves mission hearsay

special edition stress same whack unbound

revisit interstate under fires video parlance mythed fact bugle ringtoned

all clutched lingo exclusive force prizes open this armored award order

critical incidents in poetry crime

i have the deepest respect for the ill literate

a new era    in the policing of the ear

they zip to the reading tangled unthought trunk baldness amber fissure
after men & some girls interactive as mace undated understud

insist a slow wok   out of the writing pan into the
all in a cactus or photo unsteering   

stalk boss mystique—
privately provided

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