rebuilding Brand America

[from:   the Loss Lieder]

light that bit of vision not fair on fire against the rocks
i heard bells rolling thru some words, like buffalo over those 18 wheelers
up in a volcano  details from its power   now a lake
like an eye then the thought  then a touching as no;
the yattering plunge face down into their denied tears etc.
wait to pin it all at a dizzier tilt thieves of locked lives—
leaves run,  you know, sort of a  curdled electronic ink thru cold
this then sing that rack in an envious to the yuck factor
rip just what you sew
i get going this way till a method works
floating in from a dawn when only singing of insomnia burns
a ringing in an ear fetch that old sort of
grey glow  convergence between posts
guarded by a who me?  by a 99, an almost   .. post america
post europe as flourishing,  post-immediate   gone thru
as lava roils verbs with a holiday reel in a closer distance          
different versions of this poem have been written at different times
for different people who twist slow in their various ways

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