Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 358 : turn in your unknown

one way to be that way is when you lose you keep looking
            one way to see in that  way is when something lost
or a kind of a counterimposter
good things happen when the creases are
lunic & asymmetrical undulations
we argued it one way
and then another like ghastly stealing
one way to   be that way  
this is what’s going on right now in front of you
to the side of you
one way to in the walk forward
when the thing you lost is
keeping then keeping looking   and then not seeing
vacant was the anymore steeled humdrum
there are times to go back & the eyes
get lost and the   memory is      the phantom of a beat
collapse or deflate at a bifold territory
one way to see is there      the something lost
a beggar in a bread box
any component fit for an ant
when something moves forward  
lots of voices    but when the not is    then
lost of voices
many hammering  at you but doesn’t mean can help
or  fling rock over the surface of the water
racing the whole country with a conjecture
one way to be that way is when you lose you keep looking
footslog    to offend, silver-tongued

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