Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

                        essay 357

then links form to spec as in a wired way
a bestseller at the creepy bluff a fandom  mail package
all triple in a flowmeister meld flaming
it goes a sign system  worth all that
quick or newer sunlight wash for the
plates in a techtonicoid preen

goes mainly for more in
explode cackle   it’s a wormy-side happen stancing
mainstreaming then to be a bitter beer in a tale exfol—

so racks
in that one single dot docking a nautical wind up
untie a yodel knotting
then tipper to a more down singing fable-hack
then ready to stardom marginalia

then it would be as a fine line with spacing
however opportunities for a mass [practice
or you insert)  reportedly quite painful
mimic running at the middle of influence in the 1950s
in the international edition keep attacking
a buildup of overcapacities is the
career force of October &,
really the work, as stolen, is deranged
art can be beaten and claimed with faint
prays each day against noon
&, the two-state solution, gaseous and liquid,
can never solve the fading binocular power
also management works hard & long
at a stamp acting workshop

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