Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 356
                                         (sociological prosody 1)

variance is

               as a surprised position
linking into
hurtling over rooftops

                                                    a moment racked thru dawn
                                                that’s what an archeopoet,  digs up

a wronged row of bits of tagline specify
            how to leap
in media’s rays

versification grows informal
in the west-turned world or anywhere
based on a particular quality of dumb meter
which gets read
before you receive yr bill

                 anxiety spells the trigger
an ordinary working joe in an alley in Indiana
has the same focus as melded grammatical dactyls at the end of a sonnet

       inside every database are approximately
       1,360,000 lyrics, blistered by the passwords
       that keep them secure   (that is, secret)
                      (that is, unread)

                                 news doesn’t stay news it
                                 shivers in the old,  the cold old

explanations about the subject
              accelerated cyberattacks
hiring is in a gloom
after the collapse of the poetry job market

                                                           before getting scrambled by listening,
                                                           before spilling ink w thought-like symptoms
                                     there’s just blank verse
                                        w nothing encoded in its trembling’
            abrupt & conversational
stanzas placed in the middle of the workday
are another way for traders to seek safer investments,
                glowing back behind lists
and other textual artifacts

                                                            of course stanzaic plowing means
criss-crossing syntactical organization
& so you need to make reference to every hour
in an afternoon
by checking w the editor
of the compilation—

                         (he has it all on post-it notes
              stuck to the back of the latest digital redaction

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