rash of unknown origin

(from:    the Loss Lieder)

understand,  spiny toothpick,  my seeking’s clinched
you in a basket the mild   only fast fooded like shadow spar
nick whammy sez:  look Troad gotta carry anyone on yr back  out of flames
a grint pitchdom   or pitchtree avenue   corrupted so to poke
the stammerer’s muddied down rant gabble
eave it me
special education   gistin’    we got historic natter
this is where      starting points removed   
why are there so many   sans rootin?
ratted, maybe  gaff  ramshackle   slip  
written house,  is prat lost   all belong
ham fisty marvel blocking   feel saftied in mire espy frost   i now start
yr engine in these boonies
a symptom
all fairs to sell day         ask not to squelch    only,  nutty as a neckslitter’s
gotta be a bluff     in a wink knack retain
i keep goin like reasons a phone rings
they uplouded his ringtone strangle bringer
loft material one to a sinking-time    i’m sinking in the rain     what a gouged out
aureate       make prose shift happen   gets clunky
excellence is our product     a suit
w a red bleach name        hornets have low pressure
where the sandwich’d got notes
i’m keeping you in the    crossed n tangled hairs
a frank terror
it’s a club with liking     they stake ya thru the elbows to 
keep you on the floor of the bog
words wing w so much magics
that the burning bleeds
ya gotta love it

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