That is the tag attached now to the database-based sonnets I sort out for you on the basis of the count of letters, syllables or words in a given number of sentences taken from somewhere.

noun /sôrt/ 
sorts, plural
  1. A category of things or people having some common feature; a type
    • - if only we knew the sort of poets ze was mixing with
    • - a radical poetic change poses all sorts of questions... like what the fuck are we talking about?
  2. A person of a specified character or nature
    • - Cage was a genuinely friendly sort
  3. A manner or way
    • - in law also the judge is in a sort superior to his king 
  4. The arrangement of data in a prescribed sequence
    • A letter or piece in a font of type

    verb /sôrt/ 
    sorted, past participle; sorted, past tense; sorting, present participle; sorts, 3rd person singular present
    1. Arrange systematically in groups; separate according to type, class, etc
      • - he sorted out the lines, some to be kept, some to be thrown away
    2. Look at (a group of things) one after another in order to classify them or make a selection
      • - she sat down and sorted through her quotes and notes
    3. Resolve (a problem or difficulty)
      • - the dominatrix sorted the district attorney's needs from his demands with whip
    4. Resolve the problems or difficulties of (oneself)
      • - I need time to sort myself out

    That kind of sorting perhaps, somehow. Work with me.

    But not this kind of sorting;

    . . . and this refusal is coming from someone who has 
    categorized and recategorized, alphabetized, 
    reverse alphabetized, begun the alphabet on R, 
    grouped by groups, aligned by allegiances, 
    but this
    this color-based organization 
    mandated top down 
    I will 

    but anyway... 
    as I was saying before.... 
                 SORTED is the tag now for all the database sonnets and maybe somehow part of the title of whatever book or, at least manuscript, it might in time become. I like the, I think British(?) usage where it means something like getting one's shit together, or some shit anyway. "Get that business sorted!" etc. Also the implication of due paid, perhaps mine to the sonnet? A canonical sort of poetic manifestation I have looped, derived, improvised, and now perhaps I'll get them sorted and say goodbye to the sonnet. 

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