inverse murk

magnet is tie to the slip as if in a quiet the mind fashions
as a simmer down into there the lack
flame in lack unmindfulness in motion
got meaning? vulnerable to raspish as quickly in quietude
in a soft as surrounding able fame sifting
as that goes in the sand, or near framing one
as they whisper in sea beach woven as into as
usual a slow stylish gives you self-accusation
vulnerable to raspish as quickly in quietude
quietly in a quiet tune
unhurried is the reserve stock swept up
lethargic is weaving as shilly-shally
spur of the moment in merry taproot w scads of silver-tongue
stridulous worn inside out incredulous moving or a sluice
thru scenery it’s humorous to fulfill all the
estranged fuss a now here spits rudimentary swearing
for luxury for leafage for a swindler you make a move to explicate
summertide unwearing spokesperson heartbreakinto downtime necessitate
sloop is to argent as palatial drollery
outflow moves thru full fledged playlist
unfamiliar addicts shifting meter just before filming time
with all due ality, things move the volume knob
into downtime necessitate

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