Poet of the Week: German Lukomnikov

Ok, I already wrote a bit about German Lukominkov late last year, here. & then, the Poet of the Week idea emerged and so I figured why not point back over the shoulder a bit to that post and then run a few more of the videos mentioned there and others I missed in hopes that more will see them. 

So yes, German Lukominov is the Poet of the Week here at the APG Blog, so there might be a few posts of his stuff. I missed the video above when I was hunting before, perhaps because the title is "Boniface at the Winery". There are also a few more of these here, and here and here. Altogether these feel more semantically driven than certain other of the videos I listed before, and for the non-Russian-equipped auditor they do not push as many sound poetry buttons immediately. Though, even without knowing the language being played with, you can hear some curious close repetitions and so forth. 

& as this is the 1st official Poet of the Week post, here is a gratuitous piece of digital image art, "Lokomnikov multipled," (oh and don't assume that just because it is called Poet of the Week that every week in the year 2012 will have another one, that would be a best case scenario).

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