"Object Poems" show at 23Sandy Gallery, Portland Oregon

They say "Object Poems" we say poem objects, not sure how much it matters really. But there is some cool work to be found here. This is the main page. This is the 1st page of the online catalog. I only wish the APG had heard about it when it was in the call for work stage (dang, etc).

Features work by all of these folks;
David Abel
 * Harriet Bart
 * Michael Basinski
 * Bill Berkson * 
Jen Bervin * 
Jim Clinefelter * 
Norma Cole * 
Anna & Leo Daedalus * 
K. S. Ernst * 
Alec Finlay * 
Alan Halsey * 
MaryAnn Hayden * 
Geof Huth * 
Joseph Keppler * 
Alison Knowles * 
Drew Kunz
 * J. A. Lee * 
Eric Magrane * 
Steve McCaffery * 
Mark Owens & Maria José * Gonzalez Arredondo
 * Clemente Padin * 
Kristin Prevallet * 
Marilyn R. Rosenberg * 
Kaia Sand * 
Kyle Schlesinger * 
Buzz Spector * 
Curtis Steiner * 
Andrew Topel * 
Nico Vassilakis * 
James Yeary

Here is one sample piece that I liked a lot & its associated text:

Kristin Prevallet
Brooklyn, New York

Diary Lampshade #1
Paper lampshade, strips of diary pages, glue, water. 2011. Unique.

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