Another webzine that has been diverting me some of late is nokturno.org.

The wealth of sound poetry (and in so many languages) visual poetry, video poems, kinetic poems, flash animated poems is awesome. Here are some by no means definitive selections (there is so much to go through);

Jonimatti Joutsijärvi's set of 7 visual pieces called "Lapaluu" of which this is the final one;

Marton Koppany & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's short movie "Prophesy"

Dirk HuelsTrunk: Sound poems. Which do some great stuff, I really like Nie and the cover of Hugo Ball's Wolken is wonderful too.

J.P. Sipilä's video poem "you knew this"

Maria Mencia's "Linnut laulavat toisten lintujen lauluja" (per google translator: "Birds sing songs of other birds)." Which has an interesting interface, with 10 tracks one can select to start and stop - each having a animated textual as well as audio component.

Christian Bök is present with many files from a variety readings.

Jelena Glazova's "Re-Start" videopoem (another here);

My language limitations get in the way of saying much about many of the audio things available here, but surely there is a lot to look at, listen to, etc.


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