"Low Ghosts": Artifacts from the ACAC

The palimpsest left on my laptop at the end of the show last Thursday at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, accompanied here by the blocking diagrams for each of the four pieces we performed--or was it all one piece? Hmmm...

stop the joy
air in space is
loss to create space
& spaces

I can't go on
I will
make space(s)

but then fever found the
start of verse till
the gourd exploded ;
identical sac ploppets

fever is never found on top of
hum, small onion, gas response

ample pan(de Cortez) inharmonium
pie-eaters impious, look at my socks
with a new field uololololo
THAT'S AN open mouth or a window

if awake, then Brazil.

gone. ghost. open, undulating morning
Slap focused, investor beheld
Twas morning, when..... voluptuous gesture that....
in respect to what you're up against...
not phenomenon but phenomendon't;

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