It Came From Wednesday Night 12.9.03

Sheets and Butterflies (A Remake of Wallace Stevens Part 2)

Nurturant images first, naive avaian hunches

but the domicile ne comprende, there is no start.

Fetch the lavender that says, absent female, no marriage,

so, outbid who? so, no location,

where, hacker, playa, fighter, b-boy,

where is sun and beat and super cute lovin

for hollering for language abysmal?

this disformed and lusty half-place crudely carven

of sludge. . . ain’t gonna happen that the moon

bleep this with its chicken-wang mixes.

She must come now. Nurture/nature is wasted.

Waves babies. If you stand in this line be ready to

wed, enjoy first awakening, yearn vocal

and tactile HER, yearn to discourse as follows,

“The fly on the flowery thing stops us, season

overpassing summer, goast of smell falling

and doing, go away, paled and posted, with big flowers.

Meanwhile it’s pretty dumb & chintzy these sounds.

--JL, MP, JS, TG


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