_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 17 ] by John Lowther

Get, scratch that, got

Nothing from nothing

Quit breaking

Later just more connections, don't

Forget sight lines, they're a-visual

- fades - Translucent

Body, of


POV is tricky transmitted thusly. Shakes &

Itch me that revolver from the top shelf, push

The culture button, itch's got scratch to swan with.

Of course there

Are flies in here, a need to trim nails and

The next light are sharing conceptual foreground.

Itch doesn't think full bellied sinister laughter

Echoes in the courtyard. Hock the land lines

Port whine. Hix. Producing more.

Where under were the bubbles is now just that callous with a hint of orange.

I could rationalize all of that stuff but what difference would it make?

Chew nails. Bleed spit. Breathing space

At the end of a line that itches. Feather mufting

Swans been itches. Heute. Jetzt.

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