_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 15 ] by John Lowther


[AUDIO] - Impersonation of JL by Johannes Beetz, for Language Harm "Impersonations"

Swan begins with an ultimatum

Itch or scratch. Push button bubbles.

Lose track and will the wants of last

Be wanted morning. Now just

The voice of air, can there be sharp edges

Just took it home to prove something was over

It just stuck and what had been it had a new name

Trash. Derelict swan amongst the cans.

Bullet proof vested interests walking through walls.

Step away from the word and aimlessly

Charge the battery burning as much as you do

Fret this a bit, you slept through the attacks.

Burning nostalgia at both ends

To reduce stimulus to zero, no, rather

Playing lost object with one's sense of agency.

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