_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 14 ] by John Lowther

Well, it aint editing whatever else it is. More like

Quartering a chicken. Do organs comes sealed in

Plastic bags, just waiting to be piped in. I am aint got

A brother gonna pay the rent. An only swan with

An itch on inches from the device, bent pistol

Horny flowers, statements and canvassing of the

Nearby windows. The problem of undead personality

Has been insufficiently considered. The bumps were

Awake earlier, sending out zig zag lines like comic book

Electricity but now they have calmed and accepted

That carpet balming will not save them.

Bathing in brown water hair a crust for later, electrical grating

From some industry of solo means. I can get

Back to this, I should tell it. Last tomorrows

& first yesterdays is like a bar in a movie, but mute swans

Is what becomes the setting so the name can be

Comfortably forgotten, a room to find the action.

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