_Fear & Swans Itch_ [ 11 ] by John Lowther

Is this enough for you fuckers? I slave and slave

I knowledge at you and what do I get? Rhyme

Stratagems and laugh tracks repurposed from

The former day day air. Salvage the mountain

Was a nice idea but the mountain is just broke

All the king's horsepower and all the king's gin.

Read over yourself, suck it up. Lose your subject

In the colors evoked, the oversaturation and leaves

fallen or taken with reality t.v. Stream on

Tender whittle woogies, doopy-do is itched you

& will remind ya at for whoms as they emerge

Cuz shit can get complicated real fast and I'm

Not gonna just stand there and blurb

Itch been a busy feather mucker.

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