Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 37

osculum tohuo glazing nit ositn osculum too glazing glide 
pailette lesscrack po m oramix
toto nexu hum justly s tho sew hole-fried:
maturation won’t hive. With subspecies soar-a-mix

E.P. or of pout crack idem stoogle cane x-site
racks ting in thumbgggggggsystem forever sawi creep as
tuning fork pout contour-position system recite
your vowels oppil tuning fork pout ate sleep snazz

klatch esker at S-mizzle indents tongue fumble
with suave stance for eversawing all gleck station.
With substance-zero fer echolocation.

i dun no about the same thwack or spout
maybe if ya due yu cood hold flick stumble
there, but for the grace of cod, goes a snix out.

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