untight nulled ann void by eggtooth

one hour ago

shoppers shuffled aisle nine

bug width buy the thin rack
(insert swerve here) apples 2
coffee and cigaronge
tet ah tet
such blacmess blankit bl nk

it says something sayin in a said-illy stead fast
as sayings are saided with sayings

re lease that clock boxes, punch sucker .
shop til you
how brief, eh? drag day cash flay
a shim sham on a label
yeah, time turns errf us surfing
nineteen eighty 8
wave waves w a v e w a v e s w a v e s w a v e s (knew)
breakin' shore, riptide it sunrise in ever
horizon your flaccid thoughts
where the device rests in

it's proper poor.

Where the endings never end & clean beaches ain''t shipwreck'd
circumnavigate the 12 dots of earth. (all for 19.99)

or otherwise all sunk uppa coffee burns the pocket

fob dangle wrinkled knuckle wrestle selves -callous
gorilla pause drag and advert.

it's lika stunmulbilling viz blur viz spin.

& spent.monies on books and things.
quiddity did he dictionaries anchor
what we we'd known as weave were and wills meaning
the things
is not hours
is an apple (table thump)metro nomad dick
this is real (explitive)
likeable distraction assimilates in
how sayso said 'ceptance crept in creased back words cagey cower
the reality of work and the work to decrease the standard of the molly wing wrangler word.
romantick hearse story from high as fuck school
thot burns, the
house made of personalities
hours & hours of speakstrings humming
trace and a tee vee tray that is flimsy
versus vexes (send yr checks payable to texas)
led by paths tangl'd up
into rattlin' to make matter matter.
and the strange new flavor of
lippity rickets spit sunk shipments and hellways & ward. He'll
adjust the verticle hold in the flowers of the attic
(rentmoney for free granted taken for granite in a familial shadow climber)
cadence drips tick tock bait drop take it up

and open yr mouth
some yond'r backaways

stound'd poundsa pushpullin' gonesomeness,
writwrote action aint no wordsundone
underblank'rdown 'urryups

to gain pace with yrself
apocalyptic tickle tick and the
of, of shag of rugs burns like stinkerettes memoirs.
to getta guess what reckon'in
bespoken on chokes.
anoodl'd catfish fisted as nosuchthing,
it passes for a particular species of
add 'n passit unsumm'd zero unzoned boldhurt
smackbang'd amumbl'd verse
capitulate the stasis of a me.
eyethink be
sucklings dreamy timing hunger really

(hurl thine thunderbolts
with all thine strength!)

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