Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 21

1. The Stretchmarks Long Insistence
hours before a long node
sensations muttered to
lie elle tick slabblaburry and scones
those that ritz and rinse we'll all (know the score)
t((w))o(o) itch off holostoms the thor axe lunged grin
inject I-said Fileshare and shave a hidden secret
like-LIKE ABLE-able

2.(and this is where it gets juicy)din in
delags yawning fumemate
kinda swerty with qwerty-that's key.
udders of should are enterbread
milquetoast poison pens sweet loaf
"mickey mouse has grown up a cow"
for leetspeech sakes it's
so sure uh the ficklus eeks un
cracks with left fairhair left handed

3. The Future Leaks Backwards With
every lesson that so old hat it's forgotten
comatose and Remus,retardead baby lie can throw up
minding up ankle sing chew) ung
tweener racket in-cubed heads

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