It Came From Wednesday Night (Nov 2003)

something that represent sports and childhood trauma

the balloon! a balloon!
go ballistic for the team!
goat balls fourth and ten
while the ball-balls sway

ballwynners in m-o
ball their way to the take-game
park their balls in the take
ball out of the inning to strike, strike, strike

sweat the lick
off icicle
stunt test
rubber ball gag

hit with a pitch
the pitch is a pitch tree rode
it defilith
a striker tells you
how hi to pitch
the cheer leader

the cheer leader allows
they hope, they wait at the forty third and third
they are sweaty and haven’t ever washed
they dropped the balls somewhere?

As Hugo Ball once said, “It takes a lot
to lick Tammy Wynette.” Just
as a bald man whistles
to a bald woman and ET, the
cheerleader. At Bally’s pump the goat buttons.

lumps the roundness.
takes the plank of rowing.
sports are plowing sweat-sicles.
rubber wonky-tonkies.


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