It Came from Wednesday Night (12 June 2002)

offensive stone dada

totos mouth was full of refusal no campaigns

what is that the friendly dorothy free wa wa
the ride em growly in agency or the bun bed tire me
wizard or readship drum clip bass piano
ur vey organ responses
non verbal sharply fiddle harp shaggy creative director
way mexico _________as of today

i’m waying out

munching time to gilligan jig
pour into osmosis an almond assistence

the last juggler can’t waltz bunnies like phinneas gage
____ _ ____roofs arent pink no more
_tiki wicket shagggy bags spelling sands
two A __no O leaving the P ____(time to get lei’d
_______poncey ireland _today once’
____south of duh yellow hen pieces
pink wizard (THE wizard)
____california pickle elevator’d until i was there myself

its cold in th wizadry of Johnny Carson (“fff” fff ffff )
goes the jewels of animals eating animals
as a part of standards. P.U.
These spandex (“ccc” (ffff)) chocolates to
yourself unfairly forest but its pensive
weeeeeeeeeeeee! The Yucatan. sigishwish
so I can dooddle doo a plethora. I would pay
thousands to hear Johnny Carsoon oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

[he holds the little unit, squarely]

blu eoes in arkansas i can cut through
i’m afriad of eggs said the true love under his arm when two loaves are enough
to the emerald ding a la ding ooooooooo
or otherwise a forceful reminder
a yellow hen with her was organized nah ha nha
it was something different a pincushion is not
how do they take them as doses _stoner popularity
yes the eggs _it’s like this

who’s holding this thing??? _she has NOT
had her hands wrapped around it _>>>
courtiers _say _that the long run is
raiding _a lick_the _ignorant
___“the uneasy Persian”
time is a departure
the _time is a departure
you _are surrounded by _sounds of
the aggressively viral
____Y can’t i meet
a grazing flaming
___that was grazing _..historically
the hiss of the stubble of the gasoline shortage
_the viral _(or _elegant _knotty
____truculant__ ...._ is
sudden Tedd __—it is
__a rejoicing _in the _the unwholeness
(( spandex ))
___randy’s _fantasy _of
frank o’hara ____is __a reality
_of sandy _death ____“or as we __say”

_____+++ capable ===

ready to assemble— and a captain was in
let’s pardon those fantasies of those sneezes.

those sources of dolls, those lack-light
arthropods smacked those cottages, on the blvd,
where the world fell away

level is level, is wagon a wagon-starlight
that’s really fantastic, an almond is really
indeed a moon, a moron

(ex)act said something inside a piano or luncheon
like a pierced done-done
things have become really obnoxious

[MP, DL, JS, RP, ZD, JL]

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