delivernet (in Georgia)

polly techneck wernt inter the drag dis
aint trees perty?
steady rush of mouth and water
of ambi gently brushed
a page out of a toothless grin
you sure got a
internet strongbow
and the eternal face of a cliff
it's not so compli-
cadance chew spit electric whit. run!
swim! shoot the flue mock 1 (on a banjo)
Solid source of material, an acoustic guitar, & mud catfish.
A specific historical reference.

Paige won. the reading race against may churn. words
man vs nature
Webbed feet, log jammed, clackity clack, hum burr was and
the were and was of an old refrigerator
feeled with fish
coughin' time compliments your fingers
solid effects on peachtree industrial boulevard
a dislocated shoulder
caught in their web
cabins at the bottom of a lake
with why fi-sh-ips
capsized typhoon birthday cake.
happy birthday,james.
nature wins again!

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