Recordings (& text) from the September 12, 2007 Meeting

This was the meeting where a lot of stuff was demoed for our September Language Harm performance. So you can see the process.

Bunch by Mark:

the poetical is the political
what if Santa left a red star under the tre
the poisonal is the panicological
the polemical is the piratical

the pawned (or pained) is the plosive

the parasitic is the pluralistical

the poetic is the penealogical, or branding strays
glottal start
the beige of terror (polyphon)

A few by Zzac:

Canwood Edgeler

Partridge Preamble

Jane Doe

A Little Bit of Hank

Voodoo Dialogue

Feel like I've been had


Some by James:

Screen lines my feeling
Feeling Sorry, with Hook
On accidental guessing

A gaggle by John:

Assisted sonnets

as many as waking
three anamorphous
and thus serotonin
mangles situation
cross wave wake
if and not
then later you do
what the flush
reverend window
oxter for to challenge
is that an authentic
80's drive or
retro re-emergence

Channeling the Young Pioneers, or
A recipe for unalienated housework

thinking was ate digested
misdigested merely seven
then stacking later the empties like
and then again reassessing
somehow finding but four
four and seven, four and seven
seems but leaves but liebs but laben
then a messaround where you
plop flop sleep do wear one "f" line
previous did sip reversal and the
thrash around shout around that was then
so simply three box off and this is
human because if raised in a barn
we could leave the doors open

Copacetic abuser

might i feel your 'but'
in other languages, er, um
my name is bathroom
take me to your leader
sap seep into
'could i get the fuck over here'
standing american does
you bow pretending what?
-australian -canadian -english
-anything, ass odor other
g-not lips twig the sand of this
still collected between pages
unread since then
stipulations, stems

Mercurial flakes

neither nor is hallway
sore 'teh' but aches anyway
in spite of differential system
shutdown on the weekends
thus fuck is ought is of
in there for oktur and neither
what you thought it was
security guard
eastern european
back parking lot puff
and one of those
too big for medieval weaponry
gizmo pots for
putting out puff

Mucus Causation

bunnysnot jump stock
smock to keep you
barbeque crotch clean
mirror thong pistol gong
if it seems that way and you
then get off onit
who's to tell you that you are
und..flautist hanging cloth
mannered sloth
celebratory lifestyle debacle
a bend in the evocado from here
pit green shirt entangling
neither the pop nor the
mass stamped, stimmt

Poppa's pills

Penelope pins
pimp squeak shoe squeak
dolphin footed
theyre pig ankle she said
big other neither
brother nor bruder
but schwester
watching over
may i take your order please
pretty please
pleasure pool
piston poignant
putz platz

Starting Something

he no know no knowed and a yeah yeah
or what i am saying
is that it is the life was not with us
in what he says
and he advice viewed of the two giant
is a no to the titles and lean stuff
11 clues and light i own
seems hearing here well of the things
thas going on his field
is this is right
you so incredibly aid his hearing them
so we speak and they looks like nothing happening out
and so suddenly or a side to the lack of the generates about
good color where room his full the is more
on lesion loom very managing alongside me
size doesn't matter vary to the word E-D-T
here in the legend is not that fact
that he's more awell and so place you and it
all in and home of the day is in a
EEG i can really read it but it will be interesting to you laterly
i go i thought were in for a long term home
ok i think everyone i time in the count of three
should speak at the same time
for about 20 seconds in week 3 2 1
the she a 2 was uh to uh crusader and well
i are you fattening the A or the nouns in the edge title
i will you lay will is a long van
i'm usually here will only be a little or uh to certain parts
of all in minority as you have hell or
it the R the out-lot of hows throws you
into that we are or now
on any heel he'll use
had you wheelwell

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