poems for July 13

a Friday the 13th special:
3 poems for July 13


we're swallowed, when a wave has such force;
over the lights other lights are a swollen electric talk;
leaving emits beginning, like a newer tear; &
even then ants eat time;

serious bizness is left inside the music;
ordinance unexploded scattered on saturated ground;
you might realize, when my reflection explodes;
in the half-light the city becomes dried out,
nailed against a scrawled note;
kennels are a good place to keep silver.
At each quiet moment laughter walks

(Wole Soyinka was born on July 13, 1934)


country side swiped

Just the opinion of unbolted air,
open field composition, at a bound meadow.
Having's not holding but an open hand, or, a
nest where mice emerge focused.

Clarity in the air's ordinary or impersonated.
Leaving where I am is a scene for
almost becoming or unbecoming, flower: weed.
Raining all thru sunshine, we'd
even start to move into a flowing water.

(John Clare was born on July 13, 1793)


dark, or

"dark, against
politic greed
this song"

really with all those children the whistle unfathomable
in moonlight set under silenced music: a
creed buried in microscopic bits;
hammered where the sky goes blank into blue;
anything is disguised, to a policeman,
really a need surfaces, for echo, untold; a
dreamed-forward scrunch of words

cases are known, eggshell moment;
ahead (new) cracked world, wasted cold water;
droll but held to firelight;
dark means a word lights up;
enfants terribles at the doorstep; got a count?
lost language bent (into the middle of finding;

(Richard Caddel was born on July 13, 1949)


  1. I love the "Landscaped" poem, and have been trying to find out in what poetry collection(s) it is published. Where did you find it? What year was it written?
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Odecaton, so far as I know Mark has tried to publish any of these poems anywhere else. As such, this would be the only place that it appears. & we did not find it anywhere. Mark Prejsnar, one of the founding members of the group wrote these poems sometime just before they were posted here & thus in 2007, late June or early July. Hope that answers your questions.